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Generate heatmaps. Create Gnuplot scripts to plot said heatmaps

Note, you can use HeatmapUsize and HeatmapF64 for all types, for which you have implemented a histogram


Here a simple Heatmap is created. I am using random data for the heatmap, to show how it works.

Note: both the x and y axis will be going from 0 to 10, even though the y axis should go from 10 to 20. The reason is, that the Histograms, which the Heatmap is based upon do not have to be numbers at all. Therefore the default axis are the bin indices.

use {
    sampling::{HistUsizeFast, HeatmapU, GnuplotSettings, GnuplotAxis, GnuplotPalette, GnuplotTerminal},
    rand::{SeedableRng, distributions::{Uniform, Distribution}},
    std::{fs::File, io::BufWriter}
// random number generator for data creation
let mut rng = Pcg64::seed_from_u64(2972398345698734489);
let dist_x = Uniform::from(0..11); // creates random numbers between 0 and 10
let dist_y = Uniform::from(10..21); // creates random numbers between 10 and 20
// I am now creating two histograms, which will be 
// defining the x and y axis of the heatmap
let hist_x = HistUsizeFast::new_inclusive(0, 10)
let hist_y = HistUsizeFast::new_inclusive(10, 20)
// create the Heatmap
let mut heat = HeatmapU::new(hist_x, hist_y);
for _ in 0..10000 {
    let x = dist_x.sample(&mut rng);
    let y = dist_y.sample(&mut rng);
    // counting the values
    heat.count(x, y).unwrap();
// creating a file to store the gnuplot script in
let heatmap_file = File::create("HeatmapU01.gp")
    .expect("unable to create file");
let heatmap_writer = BufWriter::new(heatmap_file);
let mut settings = GnuplotSettings::default();
// creating the gnuplot script
// for correct axis, you have to set them yourself,
// since the histograms do not even need to be numeric
let x_axis = GnuplotAxis::new(0.0, 10.0, 6);
let y_axis = GnuplotAxis::new(10.0, 20.0, 6);
// you can also change the color space, if you like
// creating a file to store the gnuplot script in
let heatmap_file = File::create("HeatmapU02.gp")
    .expect("unable to create file");
let heatmap_writer = BufWriter::new(heatmap_file);


Now you can create the plots by calling

gnuplot HeatmapU01.gp HeatmapU02.gp

which will create HeatmapU01.pdf and HeatmapU02.pdf


RGB value

Defines gnuplot point

Settings for gnuplot


Heatmap with mean of y-axis


Heatmap with mean of y-axis

A color palette in RGB space


For labeling the gnuplot plots axis

defines presets for different color palettes

Options for choosing gnuplot Terminal

Errors of Heatmap


Get index of heatmap corresponding to a coordinate

Type Definitions

Shorthand for HeatmapUsize