Crate sampling

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For sampling ensembles

  • contains Simple sampling, WangLandau, entropic sampling, Metropolis, Histograms

  • Detailed example for Wang-landau with successive entropic sampling and comparison with analytical results

  • Detailed example for parallel Replica exchange Wang Landau


pub use metropolis::*;
pub use wang_landau::*;
pub use entropic_sampling::*;
pub use rewl::*;
pub use rees::*;
pub use histogram::*;
pub use heatmap::*;
pub use glue::*;
pub use traits::*;
pub use bootstrap::*;


Bootstrap resampling functions
For using entropic sampling after a wang landau simulation
Contains examples
Glue together overlapping intervals of either entropic sampling or wang landau
Generate heatmaps. Create Gnuplot scripts to plot said heatmaps
Traits for implementing histograms for Wang Landau or entropic sampling. Contains histogram implementations for all primitive numbers
For making a Metropolis simulation
Entropic sampling using a replica exchange approach
Replica exchange wang-landau
Contains traits useful for sampling an ensemble like MarkovChain or Metropolis etc.
Wang Landau Implementation